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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Matthew's First Lacrosse Game

Lacrosse season is finally here!! YAY! Matthew is playing for the first time and had his very first game yesterday.

I've watched girls' lacrosse for 5 years now. Did NOT prepare me for the sidelines of a boys' game. WOW. For example...it's perfectly OK to tackle the guy with the ball--so long as you do it from the front so he can see you coming. NICE. (Have to admit there was something weirdly satisfying in the UMPH and smack of helmets when the boys collided on field.) Huge pileups and no flags--just a boy coming up victorious with the ball. I imagine them grinning, but hard to tell beneath the helmets and mouthguards.

Yesterday was drizzly & cold (much like today, for Katie's game!); referee started the game with "are you guys ready to get MUDDY?" It was hilarious to hear everyone hollering 'YEAH!' Those boys were pumped!

Matthew decked out in ALL his gear kinda scares me, so here he is with some of it missing...game face cracks me up! He did really well, considering it was his first time on the big field. Team is almost half new kids, so they did a GREAT job holding their own against a more experienced team...lost 3-2, but showed terrific promise for a good season.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What IS it? The Winner!!

Well...THAT didn't take long...

Shasta's the lucky winner...they were Katie's attempt to make drop biscuits with Bisquick. (Yes, we know how much you LOVE Bisquick, Shasta!)

Lately, everything Katie bakes comes out flat. VERY flat. (I think it's an issue with her basic understanding of the DIP-LEVEL-POUR method of flour measurement! Thankfully, such talent was NOT required for the making of today's Snicker Bars.)

We decided to call these "bisquakes" because they were flat like pancakes...Matthew threw one at Ben and it didn't even crumble...hee hee hee.

So...where shall I mail the one we saved for you???

Monday, March 16, 2009

What IS it? Monday

So...inspired by my friend's blog and his Song Lyric Sundays contest, the kids and I have decided that we could provide a wee bit of online entertainment with WHAT IS IT??? Mondays!!

Here's the deal...we provide a photo of something. You guess what it is. Maybe there will be a prize, maybe there will not. You never know...this is, after all, the Zoo Crew.

First up, an offering by Miss Katie herself (and actually SHE was the inspiration for this momentous event! "Gee, Mom, why don't you just take a picture and put it on the blog?" ALWAYS happy to oblige, m'dear!):

What the heck...be the first person figure out what these ARE and we'll snail mail you one!

C'mon...let's hear from you!