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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Big Furry One!!

Yup, believe it or not, it was 14 years ago today that the Zoo Crew came to be...and the adventure began in earnest.

It started at 4:10 am with one GINORMOUS kick; I just *knew* it was time! I wandered out to the family room to make sure....killed a little time watching the 4 am news man reading silly headlines from around the country. I can't remember the exact headlines, but I remember him cracking himself up so hard over something that he took his glasses off and wiped his eyes.

More highlights from the labor room:
  • Mom & Dad beating us to the hospital and freaking out because the nurses couldn't confirm we were there--still sorry about that one!
  • Getting locked in the delivery room--just Bill & I--due to a faulty lock when the nurse ran to get the doctor and Mom ran to get ice chips. Nurse Maria stood outside the door yelling "do NOT push! do NOT push!" Poor maintenance guy had LOTS of support for his door opening efforts!
  • My dad inching his chair from the waiting room into the hall and to right outside my room.
  • Puking on the doctor--the ONE doctor in the group practice I hadn't met yet!
  • The lady across the hall delivering her 5th and smallest child--a 12 1/2 pound boy! (they put Katie in the bassinet next to him in the nursery so that she would look small, hee hee hee)
And then, there she was, only 7 1/2 hours later--all 9 1/2 pounds of her!! And life has never been quite the same...

Katie's quote of the day today? "MSJ--isn't that some sort of chemical replacement for chicken?"

Happy 14th, Girlie!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Zoo Crew 4th

The Zoo Crew celebrated America's birthday with our dear friends the Piggs. We had a WONDERFUL fun-filled day of play. Nana joined in the fun, too. Miss Ashley popped by, as did Patrick's new helper-friend, David. Highlights of the day:
  • Mr. Chuck's ribs--YUMMY!!!
  • Patrick showing his movies (made all by himself!)
  • remote control helicopter races
  • trampoline jumping (WOW, David!)
  • wheelchair follies
  • catching fireflies (or trying to!)
  • sparklers & fireworks
  • spending time with family & friends!
Everyone sparkled--Nana does a mean chair sparkle! We made our own patriotic music while Kenny, Chuck & Daddy set off the fireworks. (You really haven't lived 'til you've heard the combined Pigg-Zoo Crew choirs sing America the Beautiful!) We danced and make super-cool shadows on the house while the strobing ground flowers did their thing...better than any disco, I tell ya!

Here are all the beasties with the mandatory photo-opp. Check out the rest of our pictures: Zoo Crew 4th of July.

We hope your 4th festivities were as much fun as ours!