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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

9 Years Old?

Okay, so it's getting to be a recurring theme...where has the time gone? Child #3 turned 9. *sigh*

It really seems like yesterday that we were off to the hospital to have the little beast. From the moment he was born, he's been amazing us with the things he says and does. He was the only one of my kids who needed that extra something to fall asleep--trips around town at 2 in the morning!!

When he was a little over a 3 years old, Patrick attempted to harness the power of then 1 year old Matthew, helping him build a makeshift ladder to the kitchen counter and up onto the fridge. I returned from changing loads of laundry to find Matthew perched on top of the fridge; he was swinging his feet, happily chomping on cheetos and tossing a 'em down to Patrick who was waiting below, doing his best seal impersonation. For awhile, the two of them were quite the team!

At 9, he's got the vocabulary of a high schooler, the thought processes of a future pocket protector wearer, the grace of an ox and the sense of humor of, well, a 9 year old boy! (Seriously, how many fart jokes could there be???!!) He's still pretty big for his age, but he's beginning to wear it well. (I still like to stand him next to Steph to get a giggle! He's almost as tall as she is!!)


Thursday, June 11, 2009

How did THIS happen???

My baby is FIVE. No, really....and yes, she was human at birth. Since then, all bets are off, LOL. THIS is the face she made when I said "smile nice for a blog picture." She can hardly wait to see this on the world wide web!! There are a few more birthday girl pics in our Busy June Picasa album, if you wanna peek.

According to the Abbinator, this is how a puppy would eat birthday cake...

She asked for a puppy. A real puppy. And if she couldn't have a puppy, a "kind of older dog would be OK, I guess." Um right.

She got a stuffed puppy. And one that moves a little when you pet it's back. Sometimes it gives a little bark. Been down the dog road. We are STILL not ready.

She will start kindergarten in the fall. I don't think Valley is ready for this one. (Or for 3 of the Zoo Crew to share the same school...I see more adventures in the future!) Gramma & Gramps sent her materials to practice school with and she thought that was pretty darned cool. She's already written her name in the paper tablet.

Pink is still her favorite color, but she likes dogs now (who could have seen that one coming?). "When I was 4 I thought cats were something, Mom, but now I'm growed, I think dogs are the bestest." Not sure what Dakota and Indy think of that.

Happy birthday, pumpkin!

Can't imagine life without you...and I can't imagine where these last 5 years have gone...

Crazy Busy June

Sometimes I wonder if we could fit more activities in a week than we already do...and then June hits!! Here's a brief snippet of the last 10 days:

1st: lacrosse games for Katie and Matthew
2nd: lacrosse game for Katie; meeting for mommy
3rd: incoming kindergarten "round-up" for Abbey (thankfully, Katie's lacrosse game was canceled)
4th: catch the breath
5th: mani-pedi with Katie & friends in preparation for the big 8th Grade Semi-Formal; the aforementioned semi-formal; Abbey's Pre-K "graduation"
6th: Matthew's lacrosse tourney...canceled due to flooded fields
7th: Katie's lacrosse tourney...scheduled for 4 back to back games; played 3
8th: sports meeting at school
9th: Matthew awards ceremony
10th: Katie awards ceremony; Patrick last day of school: ABBEY TURNS 5!!

Somewhere in there, all the homework, housework and work work still had to get done. Busy life = happy life? Crazy, maybe....

I'm beginning to get it...kids are happy it's the end of the school year because it's the start of the summer....parents are happy because they can finally catch their breath!!