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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Upward and Onward, Matthew!

Matthew had his first basketball game this last weekend.

(Doesn't he look cute in his uniform?)

WOW! What fun it was to see him playing with his teammates and doing so very well! I think he's starting to get the hang of the game (and the rules, too!). They play man-on-man defense, so each kid wears a wristband and has to stick pretty close to their matching wristband guy on the other team. It was funny to hear the coaches hollering "where's your man? Find your guy!" and then almost EVERY kid on the court would stop in his tracks, check his wristband and adjust accordingly. Hee hee hee! This league is super positive and encouraging, centered around building the kids up in their faith and their skills. The game started with each team being introduced individually and running onto the court through a sparkly banner. Prayers for good sportsmanship were offered up and the game commenced. Halftime included a brief devotion time. After the game was over, each team was dismissed to their team room for a post-game praise prayer and mini-award ceremony. Matthew was selected as Best Offensive Player in the game this week--little booger scored 12 points!! YAY!! Way to go, Matthew!!!!

(Yes, that's him under the basket. And, no, he's NOT standing on a box in this picture...he's just super tall for a 7 year old...his team-mates and opponents are all his age!)

I'm so proud of our big guy!
Go #31!!
Go Rattlers!!

Hangin' with the Abb-ster

Miss Abbey has become quite the little hambone. Can't seem to get the camera out without her mugging for a close-up. Check out the little beastie...

(Added benefit to this picture is that Miss Katie is caught on film doing I'm not sure WHAT with her face...)