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Sunday, May 24, 2009

She shoots...she SCORES!!

Miss Katie's lacrosse team has had a crazy, rough season. Nasty weather has kept their practice time to a ridiculous minimum--for some reason, they aren't allowed to practice in thunderstorms, go figure! And despite playing better and more team-like than EVER, they just haven't been able to pull a win out of their hats...'til last week.

Each & every girl had a terrific game, their passes connected, their plays were solid...it was pretty and oh-so-fun to watch. (with the added bonus that I got to ring the B-wick cowbell LOTS of times!!) This game was so well played that I think we would have enjoyed it even if it had been a loss--no, seriously. But what a treat that it ended 10 to 9 in our favor!!

And even though everyone had a stellar day, gotta ice the cake and brag on my girlie--my super star scored the game winning goal!!!

There are more pictures of the team on Picasa, if you want to sneak a peek of highlights from the season: BLAX U-15.

Whoo hoo!

Now on to the BIG week...games every night of the week, including All-Stars on Wednesday. (Yes, Katie made the league All-Stars!!!). Oh, and somehow we have to squeeze in games for Matthew, too.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Famous Matthew Man!

Matthew made the front page--and even got quoted!

Check out the article about Dandelion's Peace Poem by clicking here. FNP


On Thursday, he was one of about 20 Valley kids who were invited to read their poetry at Literacy Night. He did a GREAT job and didn't seem nervous at all.

YAY Matthew!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthday Ben

Can't believe the little booger is SEVEN!! That's right, SEVEN.

I asked him how it feels to be seven...and he said "the same as being 6, pretty much."

Typical. He's the oddest of my odd ducks--and THAT's saying something! Mom (that would be me!) mucked up on the birthday candles--thought I had plenty!--so he had the numeral 6 and 1 regular candle, LOL. He was cool with that, pretty darned happy, actually...figured no one else he knows would have their SEVEN like that. (Smart, flexible boy!!)

Red is still his favorite color. But he likes Bakugon toys now....this is his expression when he opened them as a gift from his siblings.

Happy birthday, Beastie #4!

Watching you grow is always an adventure--and there are so many more to come. The fun is just beginning!