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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Fun

Easter this year was a wee bit low-key (well, as low-key as it gets around here!)

As sad as it made me, we opted to skip church services this year, given the logistics and hour. (I made due with updating my FaceBook status with the traditional Easter morning greetings: "He is risen...He is risen INDEED!").

We had a lovely lazy morning. Katie and Daddy made ham & cheese omelettes for everyone, including the "guests" invited by Matthew:

Afterwards, we played games. Daddy & Matthew took a walk while the rest of us took advantage of the April breeze to fly kites:
Miss Ashley popped by, bringing chocolate bunnies for all. (Is it any wonder we love her?)

All in all, a fun family day....and a nice treat for us to just "hang." We hope you had as nice a day!

Monday, April 13, 2009

What IS it? Monday

It's time for another fun-filled edition of ...What IS it Mondays? (are you excited?)

Betcha you've been just waiting and waiting???

Well, knock yourself out...here it is....now you guess...WHAT IS IT????? Give it your best shot (or your silliest!).

This week's prize is the pride and satisfaction of knowing you figured it out!! (Go you, go you, go you!) Mostly because you *really* don't want this in your mail or your house or, quite truthfully, ANYwhere near you...

Good luck!
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Breaking!

We had the opportunity to get away for a mini-vacation this week. So off to Fort Story we went. (Yes, we LOVE that place!!) Of course, we dragged the Piggs with us.

Highlights of this trip?
  • Mini-Golf, speed version
  • a cyclops named Earl
  • sand castles and digging to China
  • Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D and IMAX (WOW!)
  • new favorite restaurant, Mary's
  • giggling when Matthew stood next to Mrs. Stephanie
  • playing paparazzi on the Boardwalk with Miss Smith
  • margaritas at Guadalajara
  • marshmellows toasted over a campfire
Sadly, we learned that The Purple Cow is no more. So the last purple tongue pics are just that...the last. ('til we find a new ice cream joint with purple ice cream!!)

Hope you enjoy these pictures from the trip: