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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Family Has Grown

Welcome the newest member of the Zoo Crew...Cooper!

Scoping out the front yard.
 He's a Shi-chon...a mix between a Shih-Tzu and Bichon Frise.  What that really means is that he's a puffy, fluffy, super soft ball of fur.  He'll top out at around 12 pounds, making him the PERFECT lap doggie.

He was born on February 8th, 2013.

Since this mommy is terrible at picking things, his name was chosen from a selection submitted by my FaceBook friends (THANKS!) and then trial and error with the adorable beastie himself.  My favorite option was Wicket, after the Star Wars ewok, but he would have none of it!!  Even gave me a funny look like "what are you THINKING?" 

Considering retaliation with a Nerf gun already!
So Cooper it is!!  With Chaos for a middle name.  Seemed too risky to give him that for a first name!  (just asking for trouble, methinks!)

He is already learning to put his toys away in the bucket.

That, and, learning to avoid Dakota, who has yet to truly accept his co-residency in her domicile.  She allows him within a few feet of her now, so I suspect they will be fast friends before too much longer. (silly & optimistic of me, I'm sure)

If you think this puppy makes me very happy, you are correct!  With all the insanity and change around here, Mommy has been feeling a wee bit bereft.  Let's face it...what mom doesn't feel sad when she looks at her 12 year old beginning to sprout 'man feet'??  My babies aren't babies any more (See, Kids, I CAN admit it!!)

I had gotten to the point where I told my beloved and oh-so-forebearing hubby that I needed a baby or a puppy.  Shockingly, he chose the puppy. ;-)