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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Unka Dave Comes to Visit!

Uncle Dave breezed into town for a brief visit...less than 24 hours...it was GREAT to see him and to give him the tour. ;-) Kids enjoyed playing Raving Rabbids with him on the Wii. And he managed to unseat me as the reigning Burp Champion!
Patrick didn't give him a name yet, but he *did* check out his bald head:
Check out the rest of the pics.

Have a safe trip home, Dave. And come back soon!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Family Vacation

Thanks to everyone who prayed for our annual vacation. Those prayers were answered and Patrick was able to take his vacation with the FABULOUS folks from the ARC. He had a wonderful time hanging out and having some serious one on one time. While he vacationed at the ARC, the rest of us meandered down to Fort Story in Virginia Beach.
You can check out our pics here: Vacationing with the Piggs

We had a wonderful time mini-golfing, go-karting and, of course, visiting the Purple Cow for the annual "Quest for the Purplest Tongue."
A few memorable moments:
  • Abbey running down the go-kart helper dude while driving a Jr. Stock Car.
  • Ben providing a high-pitched operatic soundtrack for our travels.
  • While riding a family bike down the boardwalk:
  • Mom to Katie: "Did you just drop your shoe?"
  • Katie: "Uh, no, just my dignity."
  • Abbey to Everyone: "Are we toasted yet?" (not yet, but ask the grown-ups later!)
  • Making "snores" once we were toasted (or rather, once the marshmellows were)
  • Matthew: "This lasagne is the BEST camping out food EVER!"
  • Playing games 'til late: Settlers of Kataan, Apples to Apples & Would You Rather?
  • Mosquitos the size of small birds. (gack! and apparently impervious to insect repellent!)
  • Hermie the Hermit crab and the HUGE blue crab from the beach
  • Matthew & Katie colliding head-on on the Outlaw track
Can't wait for next time....

School Pics are Here!

Well, for Ben & Matthew, at least!! Aren't they handsome boys?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Update & a Couple of Things

Greetings beloved friends! I know I owe y’all some updates, so here goes:

Patrick is working on standing up and is managing pretty well. He’s not using as much pain medication, either, so YAY! He’s not ready for the walker full-time yet, but if him wanting to be on the treadmill on Saturday is any indication, he’s gaining ground and motivation. Patrick’s doing well back in school, too…getting into the swing of his routine—5th grade!!!! Last week his class stopped by for a field trip; they were visiting everyone’s homes as part of a unit about home & community. Was fun to see his classmates and visit with them for a bit, since we don’t often have that opportunity with the school so far away.

Abbey still loves her new school. She comes home every day with funny little stories about the friends in her class. She takes it personally when one of them isn’t there to play with her. We are also enjoying her little adaptations of classroom rules to home. a la: “Miss Jenn says never, never, EBER, run around with paint, Mommy. I think you should be telling Ben toofpaste is da same.”

Matthew is adapting well to 3rd grade and is finding the work a bit more challenging. ‘Course if I were learning new math, fact family based-twiddle, I’d probably find 3rd grade math challenging, too. GACK. NOT impressed with the way he’s learning math these days…

Ben is having fun with 1st grade and is highly motivated by the reward bucket. He found out the other day that one of his teachers at after-school care had the same 1st grade teacher he does; he’s not quite sure what to do with that tidbit, though. Hee hee hee

Katie is really feeling top of the heap in 8th grade, but juggling an all-honors load has her hopping. And her toe issues are clearing up—FINALLY!—so the hopping is a wee bit less painful.


As many of you know, we like to take a family vacation to the beach in October. It’s that time again. We are usually blessed in that Patrick has the opportunity to take a vacation of his own during this time. He’s scheduled to go to respite this Wednesday for the duration of our family vacay—nice break for everyone—and especially desired after the intense focus on him for the last few months. PLEASE pray that he will be accepted into care for the week. (Always some intense nursing scrutiny before he’s allowed in! He’s doing well, but sometimes…)

Please keep my father outlaw in your prayers. He’s had some heart trouble lately and the way ahead is unclear. He had an angiogram done last week that showed several serious blockages.

Thanks and much appreciation for keeping us lifted up!