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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fortune Cookie Never Wrong?

Isn't there a song that goes like that?

Had Chinese food for lunch the other day...my fortune read: "You have a lively family."

Ummm, that's one way to put it!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Katie's Take on The Big Dance

Alright, where to begin? The "Winter Ball" was, to put it simply.... awesome! The music was just great and dancing like mad fools was very entertaining. Dwayne was a great DJ, just the right mix of rock and classical. (And adding "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" was certainly a nice touch. haha.) Although the night was amazing, I think that my favorite part was dancing around with some of my best friends on the front porch. Though being outside was away from the actual dance, it gave us some more space and freedom for our "dancing", if you could call it that. lol. The one thing that still to this very moment puzzles me is, how on earth I could have possibly managed to fall off the porch and into a bush when I was just standing there, talking! (I guess, to my dismay, there is a bit of my mother in me afterall.) The lovely bruise on my leg still taunts me. *sigh*. I suppose the irony of being all prettied up and dressy, and then head banging with Christiana was pretty sweet too. Well I think I have just about said it all except this...SUPER-AMAZINGLY-FANTASTICLY FUN! =) (Doesn't everyone just look GORGEOUS?)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Catching up..New Year's Day 2008

Yes, I KNOW that January is almost over...but I'm still in catch-up mode, so bear with me!

We started our 2008 in true Zoo Crew style…with a road trip! We headed out to DC this time, planning to check out a monument or two and just enjoy the beautiful day. Found out that Bill’s new “Personal Navigation Assistant” doesn’t know which streets are one-way!!

It was picture-postcard PERFECT outside, though a wee bit chilly when the wind blew through. First stop--the Washington Monument. As Patrick and I worked our way up the walk (couldn’t find the handicapped parking, so we hoofed it!), Matthew & Ben ran up ahead with Daddy. At the base of the monument, the elevator vents out HUGE blasts of warm air, which drew Ben’s attention, thanks to billowing clouds of steam. That blast, when combined with a nice gust of wind, had Ben airborne for a brief second. Little guy didn’t know what hit him! Patrick and Abbey helped me take pics of the monument and the White House. (Got to try out my telephoto lens…VERY COOL!).

Rosy cheeked and heading back to the car, Matthew said “It’s going to be a GREAT 2008, Mom, because we are starting it with the best day EVER!” At which point, Ben & Abbey chimed in, singing, “It’s the best day EV-errrrr! It’s the best day EV-errrr!” Pretty soon we were all singing…even Patrick! (Okay, so Katie refused to sing, but hey, her pre-teen angst thing was going pretty strong that day!)

The only way to top that was to find a bathroom. A clean one. Spotted the Botanical Gardens with “ample handicapped parking” and figured it was worth a shot. BONUS—very cool model train display running around outside the gardens. Had a marvelous time watching the trains, trying to predict which would be the first to traverse the bridge spans. Wandered through the gardens, checking out the various flora (alas, no fauna but we did spot a few faux dinosaurs!), found a potty and wandered our way back out to the REAL attraction…the trains! The Capitol is just steps away from the Gardens, so I snapped off a few shots of that, too...

More singing of our improvised trip theme song, the requisite stop at Sheetz for potty and beverages, and we were home again. Truly a fun-filled family day…and nice moments to freeze in time!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All Dressed Up...

YIKES! That one in the middle is, yes, Katie. (no really!) This picture was taken just a couple of days ago at the Winter Formal at a friend's church. Doesn't she look just WAAAYYYY too grown up for her years? HUGE big deal, too....she was allowed to wear just a *wee* bit of foundation, a *skooch* of mascara and a *teensy* bit of lip gloss.
*Big Mommy Sigh*
Of course, since I really don't want to embarrass her, I won't mention that this was the first SHAVING OF THE LEGS. Yes, girls, she shaved her legs for this...and it was worth it! She cleans up pretty good, doesn't she?
The gals with her are her "dates" for the evening...don't that make a lovely trio??? By all accounts they had a FABULOUS time and boogied 'til they just couldn't boogie no more. 'Course it does a mama's heart proud to hear that, in true ultra-graceful family fashion, she fell off the porch....

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Another catch-up post...our Patrick-man is 10 now. We sang "Happy Birthday" several times; I think he was happier than usual. (Maybe it was the chocolate cake?)

I'm so very proud of how far he's come and where he's going!

His current passion is figuring out a way to get his bedroom computer connected to the internet, even asking EVERYone who comes to the house to help him! He's set up an entire office in his room, complete with a filing system and the usual accoutrement...stapler, file sorter, roladex, corkboard. Thanks to Gramma & Gramps, he's quite organized, too! He comes home from school and then goes to his "job" every day and makes sure he puts his hours on his calendar. He frequently generates quite a bit of mail, which must be intercepted before it bewilders our fabulous mail lady...

What a monkey!
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Cheeseburgers and Cheesy Grins

Yes, I know...but cut me some slack...I'm catching up NOW!!! Ben started school this year--BIG stuff for a little guy! Since they stagger the first day of school for the newbies, he didn't get on the bus the first day when the others did. So I took him out for a Mommy-date. Told him to pick any place he wanted. Ben stated that he wanted a "VERY fancy lunch!" Anticipating something like Red Lobster (his current fave, since the hostess will take the live lobsters out of the tank and let him play with 'em!) and a quick change of clothes from the capris and tee I'd donned for the First Day of School breakfast, I asked: "where would you like to go?" Standing up straight, tall and enthusiastic, he shouted "WENDY'S!!"

So off to Wendy's we went for his *VERY fancy lunch* of chicken nuggets and a cheeseburger.

Thank God for my wonderful cell phone camera! I will always treasure those special moments over a *VERY fancy lunch*, sharing giggles and seriously cheesy grins.

I hope we can always enjoy our time together as much as we did that day!
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