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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Catching up...

It's been a CRAZY year!  (and I'm just talking about the last half of it...YIKES!) Here are a few highlights for the year's reel:

Early August:  Aunt Rhonda & Cousin Erika came to call, took off their jackets and stayed a spell.  Abbey & Erika were like two little peas in a pod.  Bill & Rhonda enjoyed a chance to reconnect.

Check out a few more pictures HERE:  Erika's Visit!

Mid-August:  Matthew kicked off a new football career and found a way to use his powers for good.  We had a great time watching him practice his new skills, make some new friends and kick some butts.  As for me, I got to look at the game from a different perspective and I'm stretching my Sports Mom skills to include another set of uniforms & rules!

More pictures HERE:  Football 2013
Matthew is #55

Late August:  Back to School already?  Gramma Schoenbaum was able to come and help send the Zoo Crew back to school.  First on the bus?  Ben & Matthew began sharing a bus again this year -- headed off to Middle School.  Then Abbey took her seat to 4th grade.  Of course, we took the opportunity for some silly family pictures!  Check them out HERE:  Back to School, Part I.

Patrick had a reprieve for another week, so he was able to wave goodbye when Mom, Dad & Gramma
took Katie to move into her dorm room at Salisbury University.  It was an exciting and fun day and I was very glad to have my mom along to share it with us.  What a great (and surreal) moment, driving away an leaving her there.  I'm thrilled to report that Katie has taken to college like a duck to water and brought home 3 As and 1 B for her first semester!  Check out Back to School, Part II for pictures.

Patrick started High School this year! What a joy to send him off, knowing he was ready for the adventure to come. Gramma taught him to make Pico de Gallo, which he did with great aplomb and precision...and with veggies from our own garden, even!

See Back to School, Part III for pics of Patrick's first day.

September was fairly quiet as everyone settled into new routines.  I launched a business with Initials, Inc. which has been fun and has gotten me out and meeting lots of new people.  More football games, too!

October:  The family meandered to Salisbury & Ocean City for a visit with Katie at school. Didn't take a lot of pics, but here's a fun one:

In November, Patrick turned 16!  Crazy how time flies!  Thanksgiving weekend brought our Katie home for the first time since she left for school.  We took the opportunity to have some family pictures taken. I am particularly excited about this because we haven't had pictures of the whole family since Abbey was 2!  Too many to bore you with here...unless you REALLY WANT TO SEE THEM ALL.  In the meantime, a sneak peek:

And all too soon, it was December and time for Christmas!  We celebrated with a lovely stay-cation here at home.  Spent some time getting to know one and other again, playing games, watching movies and just enjoying the season.  Rang in the New Year in our usual way...with a combined Pigg-Bolingbroke festivity here at the homestead.  Always a good way to begin a new year's adventure, we think.  PICS HERE.

Who Doesn't LOVE a Snow Day??

Oh what fun it is to play in the snow...that is, if you can get out your front door.  First big snow we've had since Snowmageddon a couple years ago.

BEFORE:  Left view from my front porch.
AFTER:  Left view from my front porch.

BEFORE: Right view from my front porch.
AFTER: Right view from my front porch.

Back yard view from the deck.

Cooper trying to find a spot--and a way--to pee!