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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And now he are 6...

My apologies to AA Milne...

My Ben is 6. Yup! My energetic pixie boy has reached what he has decided is THE AGE TO BE! No, seriously...on March 17th, his kindergarten teacher queried the class and encouraged them to write down ANYthing they wanted as their lucky leprechaun wish. My guy wrote: "I wish I wuz six."

He got his wish. Happy birthday, youngest boy of mine!!

A little about this newly 6 year old:

  • he likes the movie Cars (err, LOVES the movie, actually)
  • he LOVES to say "actuwally"
  • he HATES peas (thanks for the reminder, Shasta!)
  • he's a good tattler, especially when it involves big brother Matthew
  • he's not much for reading, though he's a GREAT little mathematician!
  • his favorite color is red
  • he likes being barefoot or sock footed

We love you, pumpkin!