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Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

Another Zoo Crew Christmas day... Christmas 2008.

We had a lovely, slow day--which included staying in our jammies all day long!! What fun that was! Opened our gifts--many thanks to all!--played games and enjoyed a feast of ham & stuff. After dinner, we watched Prince Caspian together. (Gotta say, of all the sequels we've seen, this was one of the the very best!)

We missed having visitors this year, but enjoyed our quiet day together. Hope you had a great day, too!

Pat n Cats

Patrick and I are enjoying a lovely morning, playing and working together. Am *trying* to teach him to fold towels and he is doing his best to teach me how NOT to fold them.

We took a break to snuggle the kittens (quite enthusiastically!) and Patrick asked me to share this picture with you all. Please note how the kittens don't even want to look at him, LOL! Mostly, I think, because once Patrick's got one on his lap, he doesn't like to let 'em leave. *sigh*

Merry Monday!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

GREAT day!

Today was a terrific day...a nice way to roll into the coming week (especially since I'll be spending it away from my beloved fam!).

We've been getting into the festive Christmas spirit a little late this year. Daddy was gone right after Thanksgiving, so we had our first chance to decorate the tree this weekend. Tree's looking GREAT:

Lights are up outside. Ben was creative director for that project. At his insistance we now have a lighted doe & buck grazing fauxly in the yard. Pics will follow shortly, courtesy of Miss Ashley.

Today we had a wonderful time making snowpeople out of athletic socks. Using Patrick's school project as a model, we created our own versions:

Katie got so into the project, she opted to make another creation...a snowbear:

I think they all kinda look like the kid who made 'em, don't you??

What a fun day!! So now, we're practically ready...no baking done yet, but hey, can't rush things!

Happy Late Birthday, Hubby!!

For your birthday, Katie decided to channel "The Ace of Cakes" and the Food Network's "Cake Challenge" winners...

It was a valiant effort, truly.

How does that line from "Chorus Line" go? "Dance, 10...Looks, 3"
Um, yeah...in this case, Taste, 10...Looks, 3.

Great job, baby girl. And happy birthday, Bill!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving with the Zoo Crew

The biggest turkey of them all?

Or rather, a visit FROM a great big turkey...in the form of Uncle Mike!! YAY! He is in town doing some Army stuff, so he was able to join us for a crazy family Thanksgiving.

We had an adventure trying to brine a frozen turkey (did you know that if you leave your turkey outside to defrost in below freezing temps, not much defrosting happens? duh!). Anyway, the turkey turned out pretty well and I think we'll do the brining thing again. It was my first attempt, and I have to say that I'm sold!

Since we didn't eat 'til about 3, we had to kill some time...kids enjoyed some remote control racing fun with a true expert--who was even able to get a *mostly dead* x-mods car back up and running!
After tummies were full, we watched Kung Fu Panda and enjoyed Uncle Mike's company. Of course, we took a break for pumpkin pie!! We're so thankful he was able to join us!

Silly, Seasonal Patrick!

Merry Christmas!! We did our annual Christmas card photo shoot this weekend and Patrick *really* got into the spirit of the event...
Please note the pink nail polish....that would be what happens when big sister leaves such a tempting toy in Patrick's reach...and he won't let us take it off!!!

Anyway, here he is, signing "Christmas"...
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