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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not sure how it's possible...

But it's true.  The Katie-bug has turned 18, striding confidently into legal adulthood with slightly more grace and lots more beauty than her mother did.

The year that she was born, it was our social group's "Year of the Baby"...more births than weddings for a change!  Several friends and co-workers had their babies earlier in the year and a few of them preemies.  Bill & I started speaking with "Biscuit" while in utero to remind her that her due date was July 14th.  At 4:20 am on the appointed date, I awakened with a start only to realize that I was pretty sure I was in labor.  (Probably the last time she listened to me so very well!)  Childbirth classes had taught us that first babies usually take their time, so I headed out to the couch to time contractions, leaving hubby snoring in the bedroom.

I remember watching the 4am ABC news...and laughing through contractions as the goofy newscaster read strange headlines from around the country.

After 8 contractions 10 minutes apart, I figured it was time to wake the Daddy--who promptly went back to sleep!!!!

Mom & Dad beat us to the hospital, then panicked when the staff told 'em there was no one there by my name.

We got locked in the delivery room without a nurse or doctor, just as I was ready to deliver.

Katie arrived at 12:54pm at 9 pounds and 8 ounces.  Thankfully, a 12 pound boy had been born shortly before...so they wheeled her bassinet into the nursery next to him.  May have been the last time she looked petite, my darling tall girl. ;-)

She's been an adventure from the beginning.  Hard for this Momma to believe the time has passed so quickly, but we are all looking forward to Katie's new adventures as she heads off to college and begins the next stage of her life.

Happy birthday, kiddo!