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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Conversation with Abbey

While I was working in my office, the youngest of the Zoo Crew came racing in with a shocking tidbit...the conversation went something like this:

Abbey: Mommy, there are ANTS in the basement!!

Me: OH, no!! What are they doing?

Abbey: They are marching and marching and marching all over a M-uh-M.

Me: What should we do?

Abbey: Don't leave M-uh-Ms on the floor? (pretty smart, huh?!)

Me: Well, yeah that would be a good start! But since we DID drop one, what should we do now?

Abbey: Stomp on dem. (runs off to stomp a few ants)

Returns to office...

Abbey: Gotted dem.

Me: Good. Now, shall we clean 'em up or leave 'em there as a lesson for other ants? (yes, I'm evil)

Abbey: Don't know. (runs off)

Returns in about 10 minutes with a picture in hand...

Abbey: I made dis for you. (It's a picture of a spider with LOTS of legs, drawn in hot pink marker. See below.)

Me: Why thank you.

Abbey: What does 'piders eat?

Me: Ants and flies and other bugs.

Abbey: Dey eat ANTS??!! Dat's not NIIIICCEE ??

Me: And stomping on them IS?

Abbey: Oh, Mommy. (sighing like I'm a loon)

And off she went. Gotta love her!