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Monday, August 31, 2009

At long last and....


It's Patrick's turn to go back to school.
MSD reopened today and Patrick couldn't be happier! He was up and at 'em bright & early, chomping at the bit to hit the road...he sat by the front door and counted the minutes down. Of course we had the usual drama about "when will the bus be here?" (finally resolved after numerous calls to the school district at the crack of dawn!) He's learned to tell time and that's a mixed blessing, I tell ya'!! Thankfully, time moved quickly for the boy-o and the bus arrived promptly at the promised time...with the added bonus that Megan, his favorite aide, will be joining him again this year. YAY!

Please note the lack of wheelchair--double YAY!! YAY!!!

Abbey was persuaded to help in the leave taking, though a wee bit reluctantly.

See more pics here: Back to School 2009

Hard to believe we've hit this point...FIVE beasties on their way to school.

...and away they go...
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If you were curious....

In case you were wondering what Patrick has been up to while the others are in school...he's been spending a lot of quality time with the cats. Click here for pics.
We've also had a great deal of fun playing with the computer and watching ASL videos on YouTube. Then there were what I like to call "the baking episodes"...brownies, cookies and something with bisquick that he just whipped up...

He's turning into quite the movie maker, too...creating DVDs with the computer and demonstrating quite the flair for dramatic juxtaposition.
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FOUR out the door...

Back to School this year is wild for the Zoo Crew...when school kicks into full swing, there will be no beasties left behind. No more pre-schoolers in this household!!

Off to school this week:
  • Katie--9th grade (yes, that's high school!!)
  • Matthew--4th grade
  • Ben--2nd grade
  • and Abbey--kindergarten (YIKES!)
Abbey was very enthusiastic 'til it was her turn to board the bus today. Her older sibs offered up lots of advice, here are a few of the better tidbits...
  • Katie: "Abbey, when you have to choose between a pink crayon and a purple one, don't. Go with both!"
  • Ben: "Sometimes you get to make friends and sometimes you get to be one. I say you should be one first." (pretty profound huh?)
  • Matthew: "If you listen to your teacher, you can't go wrong."
  • Ben: "Abbey, school isn't always fun, but, well, you gotta go or you get in trouble."
  • Matthew: "Sometimes you get to do all kinds of fun projects...relax and enjoy the kindergarten ones when you don't have to write about it."
  • Katie: "You know, Abbey, some of my friends & I have been in class together since kindergarten. Get to know your peeps, kid."
Patrick starts back to school next week.

I miss 'em already. (If you didn't click the link above, click here for pictures!)