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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Struttin' her Stuff

Miss Abbey at it again...making us laugh and giving herself the giggles all the while!
She was shouting out to me "Take my pishur, Mom!" "Take DIS one!" "Now DIS one!" She's a major goofball and a serious funny bunny! She loved her new ponytail holders with all the ribbons. And the princess bride shoes that play "Here comes the Bride" and light up.
(Um, yeah...am thinkin' the batteries on THOSE might just be irreplaceable!!) She's my doll baby, she is, she is....noise notwithstanding!

Award Winning Benster!

Mommy's playing catch-up again...but only a couple of weeks' worth this time! My Ben-ster received an award at the quarterly award program. In math!! Munchkin was VERY surprised! And even more so to see me there...funny little bunny didn't even look for me beforehand! hee hee hee Once he got up on the stage, his teacher pointed me out to him--and still he was surprised.

(Sidenote: Only parents whose children are receiving awards are invited to the event, since it takes place during the day and space is limited. Most of the kids know this and look around when they come into the assembly...if they spot a parental unit, it's their lucky day!)

Way to go, Benster!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Serendipity of a Missed Flight

Sometimes a delayed flight isn't such a terrible thing...

After a long-awaited R & R visit to his family in California, Baby Bro was headed back to parts sandy. He was going to be in the local airport for a brief 90 minutes Sunday night, but that wouldn't have been long enough for even a hug stop on his way through customs. So we prayed for him and wished him God Speed on his long journey.

Fast Forward to Noon on Monday and a ringing cell phone...first two legs of Baby Bro's trek were delayed long enough that he missed his flight out and he was kickin' it at a local hotel. So yours truly, (aka: Big Sis) hit the road with the Abbinator to rescue Baby Bro from the perils of waiting in the hotel lobby 'til the next flight at 11 pm. YAY!

God's got a plan, man...'twas my off Monday, so we were free, free, FREE!! to spend some serendipitous time with the Baby Bro. Poor guy got rooked into the usual craziness of a Zoo Crew afternoon that also included some kewl (not so?) bonus features of Patrick's retrieval from a broken down school bus, Katie's lacrosse practice and a *really* messed up dinner order from the wing place. It was soooooooo good to see "Uncle No Hair" (Patrick's name for him) and give him some in person lovin' before he finishes up this tour.

God Bless you, Uncle Mike!!

*Gotcha BUTT!!*

And, hey...in case we haven't told you--We love you and deeply appreciate your service to our county.