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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Benster Hits Ninester

Making a Wish

Gotta love those cheeks!  This little pumpkin just turned 9.  Can hardly believe it, really.  He loves 3rd grade and can hang with the big boys...but has just enough of the little boy left in him to keep this Mommy from being too sad about him growing up so quickly.  For now, anyway.

In Zoo Crew tradition, we allowed the Birthday Boy to choose his dinner.  After weeks of pestering us about Red Lobster, Ben picked King's Pizza.  Tasty Brunswick goodness.  As you can see, he's rather enthusiastic about it's arrival....Kings is wonderful stuff, but it DOES take a long time to arrive. 
Birthday Ben's dinner selection.

Matthew enjoys a bite of Ben's cake.
Abbey REALLY enjoys the cake!
Ben also wanted a red velvet cake with cookie dough ice cream inside.  Abbey and I managed the cookie dough ice cream part, but couldn't find a red velvet ice cream cake anywhere!  Ben agreed that the cake was pretty tasty even if it wasn't red...

Patrick digs into his 2nd piece...
At Christmas time, Abbey started something new...she went through the house and found things she thought people might like as a gift.  It might have even already belonged to that person.  Or perhaps to someone else...or the family...didn't matter.  She figured they needed it, so she wrapped it up and put it under the tree. ;-)  She repeated her efforts for Ben's birthday.  Ben was the lucky recipient of two books from the kids' shelf AND a stuffed frog right off his own bed.  Not being 8 anymore, Ben didn't necessarily find the humor in her gift giving. 
ANOTHER gift from Abbey??

Another book from our own shelves!