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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December to Remember

December has been quite the magical month for the Zoo Crew. For the first time in practically EONS, we had SNOW almost as soon as the calendar page flipped. December 5th found us making snowmen, flinging snowballs and making Zoo Crew Snow Angel facsimiles.

Ben decided that it would be GREAT to fling his snowman's head at Matthew, who retaliated with a whole lotta little snowballs. Patrick joined the fray and "helped" make snowmen.

We baked cookies. We ate cookie dough (when we thought Mommy wasn't looking!) We baked more cookies. (Mommy ate cookie dough.) We decorated them liberally with sprinkles...and more sprinkles...

Matthew played saxophone in his very first school concert. That evening was an adventure, as Mommy was a little mixed up on her calendar. (Ever have that happen? You get a day of the week stuck in your head rather than the date?)

I was in the middle of Target buying a dressy shirt for him to wear to the concert the next night when I received a frantic phone call. "Mom, Matthew's concert is TONIGHT, not tomorrow!!" YIKES and GULP. Abandoned the shopping cart. Beat feet home as fast as the little hamster powered mobile could make it and away we went. The first year students did a GREAT job with the various holiday songs--especially since most of them have only been playing since September!! No pics, sadly, since Zoo Mama was frantic & frazzled. *sigh*

Now....given how much fun they had with the measly 5 inches we got on the 5th, imagine what Zoo Crew joy greeted the 22 inches of snow that arrived on December 19th!! The flakes were BIG and floaty, but boy did they start to add up. Good think we sent Daddy out for the tree before the snow hit! It was sooooo much fun to decorate the tree cozily indoors while the snow fell and transformed our yard into something from a Currier & Ives painting!

The depth of the snow removed a lot of the land features, so all was beautiful & white. AMAZING!! Well, OF COURSE the kids wanted to go out and play. No one realized, though, that the snow drifts were taller than Abbey. Until she quite capably demonstrated that for us, that is.

To see more pictures from our fun-filled December (and to see what Patrick was doing while the others played in the snow!), check out the rest of the album here: December 2009.

Christmas post soon to follow!!