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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Welcome 2013!

The New Year got off to a great start with a visit from our Uncle Dave & family.  The cousins had a chance to reconnect and hang out.  Matthew, Jacob & Ben overdosed on video gaming and Nerf wars.  Abbey & Laurel giggled themselves silly.  The grownups had a wonderful time traipsing around Ikea...and finding even more projects for Dave to do before he went home!

Aunt Carrie shared the tastiest recipe for Almond Butter Brownies.  We made them and were foolish enough to share with the children.  Next time: two gals, one pan, two forks.

New Year's Eve found us graced by Piggs.  More Nerf wars and general mayhem ensued...in the traditional fashion, of course!! Photographic evidence can be found here:

Any year that begins with Family & Friends is destined to be fabulous...we hope your 2013 is terrific!

It's true...Patrick is 15!!

Yes, I know you were wondering...

                         "HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?" 

Sunshine boy turned 15 in November.   I continue to be amazed at his progress and his capabilities.  His big gift was an iPhone...we had promised our boyo that he'd get a phone for texting when he turned 15.  Surprise, surprise, that day rolled around.  We were delighted to find that his dream phone fit within our budget.  Apologies in advance if you receive oddball texts (or repetitious "hi" texts) from him.  He has become a master with texts, iTunes and crazy apps....who knew that you could eat a virtual pizza?? Yes, there's an app for that.  As I type this, he's leaning over my shoulder and wants you to take a quick detour to the Apple Store. (Like they need my free publicity!!)

Long about then, we started really thinking it was time for a shave...Bill had been telling me we needed to wait because once you start, you can't really stop.  Can I just admit that, between the "man feet" Patrick gained over the summer and the blossoming beard, this Mom has been getting a bit freaked out?  (Thank you for indulging my moment of panic.)

For Christmas, he received an electric razor, guaranteed to return my baby faced, non-hairy kiddle to me.  We let him live with the razor, charge it and practice for a bit, but eventually, SHAVING DAY had to arrive.  

Check out the before & afters:

Now, if only we could figure out what to do with the eyebrows....still a handsome guy, no matter how you slice it!   

(Click here for more birthday & shaving pics.)