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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Trippin' Down Memory Lane

Singularly appropriate for me, being the oh-so-graceful humanoid that I am...

Anyway, Karyn got me started thinking about 'days of yore' and I got to wonderin' if I had any photographic record of the fun we had in days gone by. (See, Katie, your mom DOES know how to have fun!)
You can see more fun & festivities on the Followers & Servants blog, but here are a few ancient pics I discovered in my scrapbooks...

Speaking of Karyn. YES, Andrew your mother has ALWAYS been hyper.

Jackie, remember this one? Shammy awards for your singluar singing style, I believe. Can you still belt 'em out like that???

Wish I could still fit into that dress....*sigh*

Merrill's idea of NOT celebrating his 30th birthday.

Jeff sharing his birthday suit. This was taken on one of our camping retreats...we stole his clothes from the shower and then set up lawn chairs to watch his exit. I believe he found his clothing in nearby trees. We were, of course, simply seeking retaliation for his prior bad acts.
Here's one of a whole passel of us...it was after someone's wedding, just can't for the life of me remember whose!! Anyone? I DO remember we were at the weirdly funky club that Mr. Santner suggested. So really, it's all on him....over to you, Mike!

Jim, I KNOW you were hoping this pic wouldn't surface. Sorry to shatter that hope. You DO have kids this will embarrass, don't you? This one was taken at a New Year's / Happy Birthday party at Connie's place.

The RobMigos in action. Yet another wedding. Or rather, yet another wedding I can't remember whose...but Robin was in it!! (Good guess, huh?)

Because strange things happen at Mammoth when you don't ski. This is the trip when I found out that bubbles freeze. Shan-banan and Jackie are there to assist in the research.

Guess that's about it for today...hope you enjoy this little peek into my past....

Blessings & Peace to all! Angie

Thursday, May 24, 2007

5 Beasties in a Row

Here they are...this one was taken just before Mother's Day, left to right:

  • Patrick, 9 1/2

  • Katie, 11 (soon to be 12)

  • Ben, 5

  • Matthew, 6 (even sooner to be 7)

  • Abbey, 2 (VERY soon to be 3!)

Can't believe how big they are getting! Can you tell who the mischief makers are?

And one more...