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Sunday, December 27, 2015

So, it's been awhile...

I know it's been a crazy long year since I've updated our blog.  Have to admit that 2015 has thrown me for more of the usual loop, and I've been struggling a bit to get out of my hole.  That said, we've had a busy and fairly wonderful year.  Here are a few highlights:

January found us back to Upward; this year 'twas just the Abbinator and the Mama.  I was blessed to be able to co-coach Abbey's team, the Terps, alongside the marvelous Jessica. Upward updated some of the rules for the older kids, so Abbey and her friends grew by leaps and bounds in both faith and skills.  The girls were the underdogs going into season play--our roster included 3 who had never played basketball before!-- but ended with an undefeated run at the championship.  The Terps took the first even Faith Baptist Upward Girls' Championship--Whoo hoo!!!  Better still?  The girls formed some terrific friendships and came away with a great deal of love shared.  This Mama was truly blessed to be a part of this special team.

In March, we wrapped up the Upward season and hit the ground running for Spring lacrosse.  Abbey switched over to the Brunswick team and had a GREAT time introducing her school friends to her favorite sport. Abbey became the team's "go to" goalie and made about a gazillion saves.  She looks pretty tough in all the gear!

While Abbey was kicking it on the lacrosse field, Matthew was working hard with the football team, doing spring conditioning, getting ready for fall.  Ben started taking classes at a local computer school, learning how to code.  (Hey, why fight it? He's a techie by nature.)  The classes have turned his natural talent in a positive direction and he's loving it; he's finished 2+ of the 4 classes and is already signed up for the next one.  AWESOME opportunity for him! He did a summer camp through the same school; team project was to create a video game during camp.  They did a runoff and had a competition with local computer folks as judges.  Ben's team won the challenge!

April brought a new teenager to our family, name of Ben. He is most definitely feeling his teenagerness and so are we. ;-)

Bill left to spend a couple of weeks with his mom in Phoenix.  He was able to spend Mother's Day with her, which was super special after losing his Dad last sumer.

May brought Katie back home to us after her sophomore year.  She ended the year strong with a solid GPA.  Her sorority voted her to be the "Panhellenic Representative" for ZTA to the student government at Salisbury.  She and Kevin are still dating and looking to celebrate 2 years together in February.  Kevin joined us for Abbey's birthday and 5th grade "Celebration of Excellence":

June wrapped up the school year for all the beasties.  We said farewell to Valley Elementary after 16 years of Bolingbroke beasties in attendance.  It's been weird for this Mama not to have any more Vikings in the house; haven't yet been able to remove myself from the email update list, LOL.

Katie turned 20 in July. I know, I can hardly believe it myself.

Matthew's birthday brought him to the ripe ol' age of 15.  We took him to Macaroni Grille for a more 'grown-up' celebration dinner, at which time, we discovered that he's taller than Daddy.  YIKES!

Katie and Abbey whipped up a birthday cake for Matthew while we were out to dinner.  They did a pretty great job, didn't they?
The family ventured out on a mini-vacation to Philadelphia this summer.  Wanted to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.  We all realized that the Liberty Bell was much smaller than we expected it to be.  We had the VERY best Park Ranger at Independence Hall; he was clearly passionate about the historical topic and he was so good at making us SEE the events that took place during the Continental Congress.  We scoped out the Philadelphia Mint, too; cool tour!  Did you know that the Philly Mint now makes a special curve baseball commemorative coin?

August found us moving Katie back to school for her junior year. We stuck around for a few extra days to take a mini-vacay in Ocean City.  Had a great time, despite the horrible sunburns we all sported upon our return.  ;-)

We celebrated Father's Day with a kid-planned day.  They set everything up so that we could go to lunch at Daddy's favorite Mexican restaurant.  They made brownies with frosting and even wrapped Daddy's gifts themselves!  Gotta love Abbey's repackaging of the Bath & Body Works bag.

During Patrick's IEP (setting goals for next school year), we discussed his plan to transition to more independent living.  He informed the team that he wants to work at Kohl's or Fort Detrick; for now, he's working at Goodwill, learning how to sort, record and price books.  He's working 12 -15 hours a week and so far seems to be doing a great job there.  Patrick turned 18 in November and we've been learning all kinds of new lessons about being parents of an adult bonus-featured child! Who knew it would take 4 hours, 8 people and 1 VERY motivated sales guy to get Patrick's phone set up with Sprint Relay under his own  name?  But evidently, that's what it takes.  Patrick now has a Sprint phone in his own name.  YAY!!

 Patrick has been taking a course at school which has taught him PhotoShop...and how he has learned it!  He's doing a great job, isn't he?

Back to School sent two of the Zoo Crew Beasties off to Middle School and two to High School.  I have no clue where the time has gone, but gone it has.  *sigh*

Fall brought Roaders football back to our home.  Matthew moved up to the Varsity squad, playing mostly defensive line.  The team really struggled through the season, but each game showed a great deal of promise and improvement.  Matthew even had the ball for a play!  He snagged a snap that went wide, flea flicked it to the running back/kicker, who ran it for 40 yards!  That play was the talk of the season and often led to shouts of "Give it to Bolingbroke!" when the team was in a tight spot.  We just know next year is gonna be fabulous!

Thanksgiving brought more Bolingbrokes to Maryland.  Grandma Bolingbroke, Aunt Rhonda & Cousin Erika made the easterly trek to share a bird with us.  We enjoyed their company.

And there you have it...a quick year in review.  I'm sure I've left somethings out....so feel free to ask!

Here's hoping 2016 is more peaceful, stable & joyful for all.

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